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​​How will that consumer, distributor, retailer or investors interested in finding New Age Beverages, Alternative Beverages, Functional Beverages, Nutraceutical Drinks, Probiotic Beverages, Protein Beverages or Stress Relief Beverages find you on the Internet. 
They probably won’t!

As we all know, Internet usage continues to grow at significant levels with over 250 million users in the United States, over 528 million Internet users in ALL of the Americas and 2.4 billion users Worldwide, but you are invisible to them. 

​The Online community has emerged as the nation’s most active and influential consumer group and can’t be overlooked when developing and marketing your beverages.  When people search for products on the Internet, they tend to use generic terms or industry specific keywords rather than a company or brand name.  Companies realize that in order to capture their full sales potential, they must secure descriptive and memorable domain names to steer people to their web site. For example, leads directly to Skippy’s site.  Today, with the proliferation of new products and diversification of existing brands, every beverage producer competes against every other beverage company selling all types of beverages offering nutritional, therapeutic, medicinal and refreshment benefits.  Yet, few beverage companies are capable of competing directly with the industry giants since they dominate in-store marketing and traditional advertising vehicles in which they spend tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars annually. 

NOW, you can “level the playing field” and become a “key player” even with limited financial resources.    Owning some or all of the domain names below allows you to dominate the fastest growing beverage categories in the fastest growing and most active and influential medium –
the Internet. 

Not only do you become synonymous on the Internet with the fastest growing beverage categories and thus become the recognized leader, but you do so without spending large sums of money.  You can’t outspend the largest companies with their unlimited resources, but you can and should creatively outsmart them.  I am offering you an incredible advantage vis-à-vis other beverage companies in the form of the following registered Domain Names for sale... Probiotic Protein  Imagine a consumer, distributor, retailer or investor clicking on a generic web site under the fastest beverage category (domain) names and coming automatically and directly to your web site.  That’s Priceless! In addition, as we know, Americans (and the World) are discovering and consuming new beverages offering different benefits now more than ever before and this trend continues to grow.  Imagine, while on their favorite web sites, they see on their computer screen a click-on-link for New Age Beverages or Functional Beverages or Alternative Beverages or Nutraceutical Drinks or Probiotic Beverages or Protein Beverages Stress Relief Beverages.  It’s simple logic…because of their interest they will not be able to resist clicking on that link which will bring them directly to your site.  That’s Priceless!  

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